Turbulent Love

I was surrounded by people,

but alone.

Sitting on a plane back “home.”

A place I thought would give me the greatest happiness,


what can I be given

when I have done nothing with my life?

Between my states of




through the shifting currents of the plane,

the natural turbulence of the skies,

I began to fear this inevitability of death.

And why has it not happened already?!

Every day I choose to live,


it is the most painful

yet somewhat rewarding experience to exist.

What is the purpose of existing

when I barely feel alive or am truly “living.”

Pits in my heart so deep,


and hiding secrets untold

yet essential to my personal identity.

Am I really alone?

Or simply, hiding?

Is this turbulence just my trembling heart

shaking so violently

I cannot hear anything but the vibrations of my anxiety?

What do you do when all you want to do is love but cannot love yourself?


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